zaterdag 11 juni 2011

Made it for the Pentecost !!! YIPPEEE !!! only 13 copies made , STIRNER - KUTGOD , comes in recycled cardboard cover , hand assembled crude collage-style "non-design" , glued,sprayed,stamped,numbered + burned all during the first hours of this day (it's 6.20 am over here atm , started at midnight !) , some decent photos in the afternoon as the spraypaint on the disklabels is still drying hehe...trades welcome ... oh yeah , has one long exercise in freenoise (improv. harsh f**kery) , 70+ minutes track with equal amounts of more chaotic parts and more static "wallish" parts , recorded in one take , no overdubs , no post-production , recorded somewhere in 2010 during mental breakdown , recently rediscovered (3/4 days ago on old HDD) and saved for this special occasion ! also has silly short "intro" or mail stirnered [AT] gmail[DOT].cum when interested !

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